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Anatomy Review In Cadaver Lab

A thorough and detailed review of the face and neck anatomy with a description of various anatomical landmarks, surgical topography, and variations. Each topic will be linked to practical clinical applications. Cadaver section will be carried out in conjunction with filler and thread injections as well as practical dissection complementing theoretical overviews.

Dermatology for General Practitioners

Healthy skin and mucosal membranes, anatomy, biochemical composition, physiology, skin type classifications, changes related to age, and environmental damage and diseases. We will also be discussing the most common conditions and aesthetic concerns, and much more.

Botulinum Toxin Injections, Facial Fillers, Fat Transfer

Learn the safe and the most efficient techniques of the face and neck rejuvenation with various fillers and autologous fat as well as the application of botulinum toxin injections to produce remarkable aesthetic results without surgical intervention. The course is valid and required by your State Board for your Toxins and Fillers Certification.

Energy-Based Aesthetic Devices: Lasers, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Intense Pulse Light

Learn about physics, fundamental science, and interaction with tissue, primary and secondary effects, the various types of devices and effects produced, indications, contraindications, and safety. Learn it all and use the knowledge with comfort and confidence.

Suspending Devices. Mesotherapy and PRP, Combination Treatments

Facial threads are taught as a minimally invasive and a powerful technique. Master various types and applications and a comprehensive study of complex-treatment combinations to achieve considerable results.

Risk Management, Legal Aspects, Marketing, and Management

Legal considerations and current regulatory reviews. Practice management and the most effective contemporary marketing techniques.

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Comprehensive Facial Aesthetics for Practitioners in the 21st Century

Come and join FAME Seminars at the Yankee Dental Congress and learn about aesthetics in our mini-course available for Yankee Dental Congress Participants.