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Suspending Devices, Mesotherapy, PRP, and Combination Treatments

This an advanced course with significant practical aspect for already practicing aesthetic doctor or nurse with corresponding experience on solid theoretical knowledge in other basic/single aesthetic modalities; The course is also designed doctors and their personality to establish a team approach with delegated specific tasks in order to achieve long-term aesthetic results as well as timely recall and maintenance.

Specific time will be allocated to study theory and application of dermal threads/suspending devices as a stand-alone or part of a combined treatment protocol. The course participants will receive an opportunity to sign up for preceptorship and clinical observation.

The course includes:

1.       Various threads, their composition anatomy, and respective applications

2.       Facial vectors and anchor points; SMAS positioning

3.       Combination treatments BoNTA, Fillers, EBD’s, Threads, Fat Injections/PRP

4.       Complications and their management


"I thought the course was awesome. I guess you get hooked on it because you have to come back and get more and more information about everything!"

-Dr. John Orrego, MD

"After this course, I will be able to better educate my colleagues in my office and show them new techniques, best practices, and apply it to more real-life situations as opposed to just taking in information and not having it in a real-life situation."

- Dr. Todd Daniel Price, PhD