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Botulinum Toxin Injections, Facial Fillers, Fat Transfer

This course is designed to teach an aesthetic practitioner of ever level on basic applications of dermal and soft tissue fillers and neuromodulation using Botulinum toxin isolated derivatives. Considering the vast amount of applications, techniques as well as theoretical knowledge the course is divided into two modalities: basic and advanced respectively tailored for practitioners only commencing their engagement into aesthetic medicine and dentistry or for a seasoned doctor/nurse or PA who wants to refresh and/or advance his/her skills and knowledge.

Considering how Botulinum toxins and soft tissue fillers revolutionized the field of anti-aging medicine and dentistry these courses are one of the most popular among our applicants and designed to present our participants with cutting edge information that enables them to comfortable while administering these treatments to their patients as well as managing these results.

The course(s) include(s) both didactic and practical modules and consists of:

1.       Botulinum Toxins: Fundamental science; chemical composition and mode of action

2.       Soft tissue fillers: fundamental science; chemical composition pharmacology and physical properties

3.       Types of soft tissue injectable implants; autologous vs. xenograft; biological response

4.       Botulinum Toxins: Indications and contradictive

5.       Facial functional anatomy and neuromodulation

6.       Review of vascular anatomy

7.       Botulinum Toxins Basic and advanced administration techniques

8.       Aesthetic proportions and guidelines; PHI and ethnic facial profiles

9.       Soft Tissue Fillers: Basic and advanced administration techniques

10.     Botulinum Toxins complications and their management

11.       Soft Tissue Fillers complications and management

12.      Combination Treatments

“I loved these courses because of the fact that they were so interactive. It’s not just a lecture, where an instructor presents in a form “I’m talking, I’m talking, I’m not letting the audience to participate.” Not at all. And on top of that, the second part of the course, the hands-on experience, is unique."

- Dr. John Orrego, MD

"The energy level of the presenters was on steroids. It was fun, exciting, and very helpful. I am somebody who has been doing fillers for over 10 years, and I learned so much more than just the basics."

- Theresa Bruno CRNA, ARNP