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Energy-Based Aesthetic Devices: Lasers, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Intense Pulse Light

The unique interaction between living tissue and cellular structures and energy in various forms has been a foundation and/or a part of many medical and dental subdisciplines due to a multitude of different biological responses which such interaction may produce. The application of energy has also been relatively recently introduced to the field of minimally invasive or non-invasive aesthetic dentistry/medicine and has ever since been developing rapidly based on incredible benefits it produces when it comes to the reversal of aging and stimulation of regeneration.

Our course offers the most comprehensive review to date among all other course and may include practical preceptorship and observation sessions in a clinical setting. The EBD module is organically interwoven between other modules of FAME and offers its unique didactic and practical materials:

1.       Fundamental physics of energy based applications

2.       Biological aspects of tissue and energy interaction

3.       Basics of Dermatology for aesthetic applications

4.       Lasers:

  1. a.       Indications
  2. b.       Ablative vs. non-ablative
  3. c.       General indications and contraindications
  4. d.       Specific laser applications: skin rejuvenation, reduction of elastosis, reduction of hair, reduction of inflammatory                    conditions/acne; tattoo removal
  5. e.       Lasers vs. IPL
  6. f.        RF and High-Intensity Focused
  7.           Ultrasound (HIFU)
  8. g.       Patient Management/Selection
  9. h.       Avoidance of complications and their
  10.           management

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"I learned a lot about non-invasive techniques of helping to accentuate the face via whether it’s botox, fillers, or a combination approach, with learning about lasers and what they can do for the surface, radio frequency and what it can do."

- Theresa Bruno CRNA, ARNP

"There were many parts in my FAME class that I liked. I liked the enthusiasm of the instructor, for sure. I think his knowledge is excellent, and I enjoyed the whole group, the interaction of the group. It’s a more interactive seminar. The energy was great."

- Dr. Greg Young, DDS