Anatomy Review In Cadaver Lab

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Knowledge of anatomy is the most critical aspect of a foundation enabling any practitioner to diagnose, regardless of any degree of invasiveness; such knowledge is paramount for a deep and critical understanding of complex biological structures and process; as they are related tissues being affected by the aging process, their morphologic and chronologic composition and change respectively. Our course is comprised of the most comprehensive presentations including both didactic sessions, lectures, Q&A's, discussions as well as practical dissection course on human cadaver specimens.

The course includes:

1.       Static gross anatomy

2.       Functional anatomy

3.       Topographic and injectional anatomy

4.       Developmental anatomy

5.       Selective microanatomy and histology

6.       Aesthetic anatomy or “What is Beauty?”

All materials and integrated into consecutive presentations that are designed to develop a deep and thorough understanding of each aspect of this fundamental science from every angle as it relates to aesthetic medicine and dentistry.

"I’m actually looking forward to doing more of the advanced courses and utilizing the knowledge that I've now taken from here and going forward. I think it’s quite a good structure to a program, the way he has it set up because you don’t start all over the place, you start with the basic anatomy and you build your skills based from that. He gave a very nice outline of what this would look like in terms of a road map of being a good aesthetic clinician and it’s a good outline that I feel like I should follow, going forward."

- Dmitriy Fuzaylov, MD

"What I loved the most, other than the presenter and the interactive nature of the course, was the cadaver dissection. There’s just nothing better than being able to see where we’re injecting and the effects of the injection. That was a real deal."

- Greg Young, DDS

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