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Learn the safe and the most efficient techniques of the face and neck rejuvenation with various fillers and autologous fat as well as the application of botulinum toxin injections to produce remarkable aesthetic results without surgical intervention. The course is valid and required by your State Board for your Toxins and Fillers Certification.


Learn about physics, fundamental science and interaction with tissue, primary and secondary effects, the various types of devices and effects produced, indications, contraindications, and safety. Learn it all and use the knowledge with comfort and confidence. 

Facial Aesthetics Master Education


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Healthy skin and mucosal membranes, anatomy, biochemical composition, physiology, skin type classifications, changes related to age, and environmental damage and diseases. We will also be discussing the most common conditions and aesthetic concerns, and much more.

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A thorough and detailed review of the face and neck anatomy with a description of various anatomical landmarks, surgical topography, and variations. Each topic will be linked to practical clinical applications. Cadaver section will be carried out in conjunction with filler and thread injections as well as practical dissection complementing theoretical overviews.


Facial threads are taught as a minimally invasive and a powerful technique. Master various types and applications and a comprehensive study of complex-treatment combinations to achieve considerable results.

First-Rate Curriculum

Our curriculum is built on a comprehensive approach and includes theoretical and practical sessions on:

1. Human gross and micro-anatomy including practical sessions in specialized cadaver labs with expert instructors

2. Dermatology for general practitioners

3. Facial Fillers and Botulinum Toxin Injections

4. Various energy-based devices and technologies:                         aesthetic lasers, radio frequency, and focused                              ultrasound

5. Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals

6. Facial and Neck Thread lifting and rejuvenation

7. Mesotherapy, PRP, and lipofilling with minimally invasive surgical techniques

8. Patient safety, legal overviews, and marketing tools


Join this rapidly growing field of aesthetic dentistry and immerse yourself into the new and exciting area of practice that truly unites dentistry and medicine as well as art and science.

Come and experience the aesthetic revolution and enrich yourself with powerful knowledge and tools. Learn in depth and take home the skills that will enable you:

a.       To become a doctor to celebrities or turn your patients into stars.

b.       Open the channels of extra income up to several hundred thousand per year.

c.       Offer your patients and staff new procedures that will make them stay with you forever. Solve the problem of patient                  and staff retention once and for all!

d.       Enrich your knowledge to offer new and exciting treatments to your patients, friends, and family.

e.       Improve your personal and your practice standing through incredibly increased visibility on the internet and social media.

f.        Practice more competitive and more comprehensive dentistry.

Join the elite circle of your colleagues and peers while acquiring unique information based on solid research and science!
Claim your FAME™!

Legal considerations and current regulatory reviews. Practice management and most effective contemporary marketing techniques. 

Our Healthcare Mission

We aim to provide educational opportunities for dental specialists, general practitioners, assistants, qualified nursing personnel, and members of dental and medical staff with the contemporary professional education that is based on advances in sciences and research. This knowledge will assist them in obtaining and broadening an existing pool of information to best manage various aesthetic conditions since they are related to the oral cavity and surrounding anatomical structures, organs, and tissues. You will also be able to understand the various level links between other medical subspecialties and also a better comprehension of patient safety, the quality of life, the standards of care, and emerging public health challenges amongst us. The views, demands, and expectations of individual patients, patient groups, and the global population, in general, is also in the need of interpretation as well. Such education will also be instrumental in evaluating new research and the available strongest scientific evidence, applying reflective and critical thinking in ways that best incorporate new techniques into practice, improving care in line with current professional standards, and serving the public.

“I liked how it goes in depth into things that I haven't seen in a long time, so it refreshes a lot of stuff, and it makes sense.”

- Dr. Valeria Soltanik, DMD

Here Is What People Say About Us!

“I learned a lot. Going into the cadaver is part of the course. To me it was amazing, because I have been doing courses since 2009, and the courses that I have taken have never had the opportunity to do cadaveric dissections, so this is a tremendous experience."

- Dr. John Orrego, MD

“I’m a nurse, and we’re expanding our practice into aesthetic area, and a lot of people seem to be interested in it, so I would definitely, definitely recommend FAME Seminars to them so they can learn about the anatomy, which is the most important thing about this whole process of working in that area which is to know where you’re injecting."

- Carol Wirth, CRNA APRN